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Vick Ko
22-Nov-2013, 07:50
Hello all,
I just received a Synchro Compur shutter and noticed the following behaviour. It came with an older 150mm Ysarex lens, and from the serial number, must be early in its production. The owner says he has had the shutter serviced, but I wonder whether this is proper behaviour for the shutter:

1. To open the shutter for viewing, I have to cock the shutter and then push the opening tab.
The shutter opens properly and the tab stays down. But when I lift the tab, the shutter does not re-close.
I have to press the shutter release to close the shutter. The opening tab pops up and the shutter works afterwards.
Is lifting the opening tab supposed to re-close the shutter?

2. On 1/400, the shutter release doesn't fire the shutter if the flash is on X setting. It fires if I push the flash sync lever. If the sync is on M, the shutter fires properly at 1/400.

The cosmetics of the shutter and lens are very very good, so I don't think it has been abused. Just curious about this behaviour.

Thanks in advance


Peter Mounier
22-Nov-2013, 08:18
On my shutter, when I lift the tab the shutter does close. I had to try it before I could respond because I've always just tripped the shutter to close it.
On 1/400th the shutter works as you would expect on x or m and fires with with either setting. And finally, my shutter does not fire if I push the flash sync lever.
I recently had Carol Flutot cla the shutter so I'm pretty confident about its condition.

Vick Ko
22-Nov-2013, 08:37
Thanks Peter.
None of the behaviours are fatal.
Just curiosities at this point.

22-Nov-2013, 12:18
Sounds like gummy old lubricant. Maybe time for a CLA if you use the shutter a lot and want it to work as it should.

Rick "thinking when some things stop working, others are soon to follow" Denney

Vick Ko
22-Nov-2013, 21:27
Ha, I'm doing a "Happy Dance" here.

I sorted the shutter.

1. I cleaned out the opening tab mechanism completely, and relubed it.
It still isn't perfect, but it does re-open when I lift the tab.

2. the "stiff spring" that accelerates the shutter at 1/400 was improperly installed.
And of course, it was interfering with the X sync setting.
I installed the spring at the correct location and it works just fine.

Shutter speeds check out fine, and I'm very happy with the shutter.

Here I am, "in action":



23-Nov-2013, 19:21
Umm.. Do you usually work with open flame candles around lighter fluid?

24-Nov-2013, 06:59
And I was drooling over the lack of clutter on the table.

Vick Ko
24-Nov-2013, 09:23
um, yeah, I saw that after posting the photos. No, not usually.

The light in the kitchen is the wrong spot and I often find I'm shadowing what I want to see.
I thought the candles would make it better. But like you say, not with volatiles around.

Umm.. Do you usually work with open flame candles around lighter fluid?