View Full Version : Thread size of old US non-tapered cable release?

Chauncey Walden
21-Nov-2013, 18:22
Anyone know this? I need to tap a hole.

Jim Jones
22-Nov-2013, 05:47
5-44 nf2

22-Nov-2013, 08:42
5-44 nf2

Excellent! To the very point!

If the OP is drilling a new hole, then taping it, he will need to know the drill size: 0.104" or 2.6416 mm

If he is just fixing the existing threads, he might be better off with a thread chasing tap.

Ron Stowell
22-Nov-2013, 08:56
Does anybody have a source for these non tapered cable releases, I could use several.

Chauncey Walden
22-Nov-2013, 10:18
Thank you both for the information. It is for a formerly pneumatically operated incomplete Studio shutter that I modified to use a cable release and a rod actuator. I had been using a tapered release but the thread was insecure. Ron, I found the the NOS braided cable Wollensak I'm going to use in an antique shop but I have seen others in the past in piles of used cables in camera shops. I have another one but it is dedicated to a different shutter.

Jim Graves
24-Nov-2013, 20:42
Chauncey ... I think you need a few more old lenses and cameras. ;-) ... and I think we need to reunite the Gazebo Gang in Tonopah next October.