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21-Nov-2013, 12:15
I've been doing some research lately on these and have some questions for those of you that have used it. (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/46474-REG/Schneider_08_025614_Focus_Mount_for_Super_Angulon.html)

What I'm wanting to do is use these on a standard Technika board interchangeably between a couple of different cameras. I have read somewhere that the mount fits into a standard Copal #3 hole. Is this true? If so, all I need to do is buy it and put it into a #3 board then?

I want to use my 58XL on my Linhof MT without the WA Focusing Device (too big/bulky for one or two lenses IMO) with appropriate helical. Right now I am using the 58XL simply by focusing it with my hands on the inside track, but that's an inelegant solution. I think if I get my MT modified to have full drop I can use the 47XL too.

I know there is a specific Linhof board/helical that you can buy for these lenses but it appears to be almost 3x the cost of just the helical, so if I can put it on a lens board myself, I would rather save my cash. There is also those Chinese-made helicals but they are centered instead of offset, so that doesn't work.

Any thoughts?

Nathan Potter
21-Nov-2013, 17:04
Bryan, I use both the 58mm and the 47mm XL lenses on my TK45 cameras. But I don't use the focusing helicals cause they are not necessary.
What is the use of a focusing helical on the Linhof MT? It would appear that it just moves the lens further out from the film plane making lens to film distance more difficult to achieve. The film to board distance for the 47 is about 60 mm as I recall.

For the TK cameras I have to use a bag bellows plus a nominally 20 mm recessed board to achieve infinity focus. While the focus is a bit of a bitch a small aperture yields a relatively hugh depth of field (several feet to infinity) the focus can be less critical if one sets a hyperfocal distance.

Nate Potter, Austin TX., Steuben ME.

21-Nov-2013, 17:27
The problem is that the front standard has to be inside the camera on the inner rails, where the focus mechanism does not move it, so "focusing" has to be done by hand. Since as you know even a fraction of an inch changes the focus by a lot (not to mention being misaligned from left to right possibly), it's difficult to make this work. Linhof, in their literature, suggests the helicals for these lenses (or the wide-angle focusing device, but only for 55mm lenses and longer) so that's the way I want to go.

As it stands I'm thinking of ditching my Chamonix totally, but to do so I need to make these lenses work on my MT.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the TK basically a monorail, albeit modified? The press-camera style of the MT is the problem. And indeed, I plan to shoot some handheld with like f/11 at hyperfocal distances.

David A. Goldfarb
22-Nov-2013, 05:40
I have a helical on a Linhof board, offset mounted, from eBay seller "jinfinance," which I use on a Tech V with a 47XL. I'm sure the Schneider helical is smoother and better finished, but the one I have works fine.

One thing to think about with any helical, if you want to use scale focusing, is that, as far as I can tell, there is no way to set infinity stops on the inner rail, and there isn't a precise "all the way in" spot, because the bellows is in the way. So you have to set the infinity point by checking the groundglass and focusing with the rail clamps every time you set up.

gary mulder
22-Nov-2013, 05:52
The helical needs a smaller hole than a Copal #3. And the helical has tiny screws with which it is fastened.

22-Nov-2013, 07:52
Thanks for the additional information both of you!

I did not see an offset-mounted helical on eBay, I will have to look again. This is also the first time I have ever heard that infinity stops could not be set on the inner rail - how is that not possible? I thought that was actually what Linhof recommends/does for these lenses sometimes.

21-Sep-2016, 23:37
The helical needs a smaller hole than a Copal #3. And the helical has tiny screws with which it is fastened.

Following up on this three-year old thread - please could you let me know where did you get this linhof-style board for Schneider helical mounting? I've got a similarly mounted 58XL on a helical mount from the used market, but unfortunately the one I have is center-mounted so it wouldn't be ideal for use on the Master Tech 45 (given the already limited image circle of the 58XL). So I'm looking for lens boards that have offset mounting hole that can take the schneider helical mount (i.e. having three small screw-holes).