View Full Version : Mystery Big Arse Lens

Kimberly Anderson
21-Nov-2013, 06:52
I have a line on this lens and might be interested in purchasing it. All I know is that it is marked 'Dallmeyer' and that it is big. I haven't seen the lens yet.

Any ideas on what this thing is? I know the photographer shot a lot of 8x10 and it appears to have a pneumatic shutter release.



21-Nov-2013, 07:04
I think it's either 6D or 5A.

21-Nov-2013, 07:46
What price?

Kimberly Anderson
21-Nov-2013, 08:15
No price yet.

Mark Sawyer
21-Nov-2013, 11:13
...and it appears to have a pneumatic shutter release.

Must be for a Packard shutter. (Dallmeyer also distributed Packards, with the Dallmeyer name on them.)

Pete Watkins
21-Nov-2013, 12:32
Sorry to hijack the thread but I'm gonna try to sell a couple of Dallmeyer / Packard shutters in the very near future. Were these made under licence by Dallmeyer in the UK or just re-branded by Dallmeyer once they reached UK shores?

Mark Sawyer
21-Nov-2013, 13:59
My understanding is that most were re-branded Packards, but some later ones were made by Dallmeyer under license from Packard. I'm not sure how (or if) one could tell them apart.

Pete Watkins
22-Nov-2013, 01:17
Thanks Mark.

22-Nov-2013, 17:06
My poor No. 5 Packard just developed a serious case of envy. It only gets to shutter an A.M. War Baby Dallmeyer.

23-Nov-2013, 16:32
Well whatever it is. It's probably awesome I have 3 dallmeyer petzval type lenses and they are my favorites. lucky you.