View Full Version : Wide angle adapter vs bellows

Guy Boily
17-Aug-2004, 18:49
My Linhof Master has replaced my Zone VI for the past 2 years. What a joy to use. I use a 65mm Rodenstock lens, with a wide angle adapter for certain images, where foreground is crucial. I have noticed on the upper part of the negative, a dark band. It is actually the bottom part of the interior bellows getting into the frame. All I have to do is back up (the camera position)slightly, altering the framing, to get more image on film. Then I can crop ever so slightly in the darkroom. It can be easily corrected but it is annoying though. Is this a common situation that one faces while using this adapter with extreme wide angle lenses? Thanks for your replies. www.guyboily.com

David A. Goldfarb
17-Aug-2004, 21:04
I haven't noticed this problem with the 65/8.0 Super-Angulon and the Wideangle Focusing Device on my Tech V. Maybe try moving the standard forward a little.

Guy Boily
21-Aug-2004, 08:05
David, Thanks for your reply. I just forgot to mention that my 65mm Rodenstock is an f4.5. I also just finished developping my 4x5 negs and low and behold, all of the ones taken with this lens are cut on the top of the negative (bottom part in camera). I took the film holder back off the Master and the bellows seem to pop out a little when the adapter is fully pushed inwards (only at the bottom). The bellows may be touching something, bottom rail or support. It could be made that way. I will just have to compose a little wider. Guy

Bob Salomon
21-Aug-2004, 10:06
Anytime you use a 55, 58, 65, 72 or 75mm lens on a Technika with the back rotated to the vertical position you will have part of the drop bed in the image. This does not happen when the back is in the horizontal position.

The cure for this is to leave the back in the horizontal position and rotate the entire camera to the vertical position when doing verticals with any of these lenses. And yes, this is true after doing a lens rise.