View Full Version : Ah Cr*p, adjusting Chamonix Saber vertical alignment gone awry...

16-Nov-2013, 23:04
I sent the Saber to adjust for the B setting on the shutter. All these back and forth shipping knocked the vertical alignment off.

No problem, I said. I adjusted the vertical alignment on the Epson R-D1 a few times, and Lo and Behold, I found even a thread on the LFF that says:

When you remove the cover of the RF, there is a little screw on the right that adjusts the RF.



So opened 2 screws and there it is, a little screw on the right! Turn turn turn, hmm... how comes it does not seem to affect the vertical at all "Ah Cr*p, the screw fell out!" Oops. Along with it, a little metal arm came off and there is a little roller thingie :-(

Now I need either a detailed instructions/diagram on the Polaroid 100 RF or I need to send the unit back for repair. Sigh...


17-Nov-2013, 07:13
Will try to open my spare automatic 100 and take some pics today if possible...

18-Nov-2013, 14:59
Chamonix sent me a picture to show where the roller goes. So I did that. Then I opened up everything, didn't see anything adjustable, putting things back together and the vertical alignment is just about perfect!

So don't know what I did, but it's more or less the right thing :-) Hopefully I will get some instructions soon.