View Full Version : You have one job LF'ers!!

16-Nov-2013, 13:26
You have one job to do and that's to talk me out of this purchase.

It's a B&J 8x10, grey with red bellows folding wooden camera. No lens

Comes with the 8x10 and 5x7 back, 10 8x10 and 6 5x7 holders plus case for it all.

Camera looks mint, hardly used at all.

The guy is asking $275. Good? Bad? Walk away?

Erik Larsen
16-Nov-2013, 13:29
Go for it, at that price if you don't like it you can sell all of it and make money on the deal.

16-Nov-2013, 13:30
Buy it. If you don't like it you can always sell it for more. If the 8X10 and 5x7 holders are in good shape, you could recoup your investment just by selling the holders.

Brian C. Miller
16-Nov-2013, 13:47
You want an 11x14. You really, really, really want an 11x14. No, wait, 20x24! Yeah, that's it!

The 8x10 is a fine deal. Go for it, and then pick up a decent 300mm lens and go have some fun!

16-Nov-2013, 14:06
buy it...and when you realize how much you dislike it...which you almost certainly will , then sell it to the next fool with $300 burning a hole in his pocket.

John Kasaian
16-Nov-2013, 14:17
Just do it.

16-Nov-2013, 14:25
Sorry, I don't take jobs I have to lie to do...unless you are willing to pay a lot more! ;)

Tin Can
16-Nov-2013, 14:28
To me it would depend on the bellows. B&J bellows are pretty, but some old ones get fairly stiff.

Replacing bellows is expensive.

It's the poor man's Deardorff.

Why not get the 4x5 and 5x7 B&J I will selling shortly. A matched set!

16-Nov-2013, 15:18
It's worth it just for the film holders or backs. Can't go wrong with that purchase, practically.

16-Nov-2013, 15:24
The film holders make it a deal, if they're modern plastic ones. Otherwise, a B&J is a functional but ugly duckling.

Alan Gales
16-Nov-2013, 15:32
The film holders make it a deal, if they're modern plastic ones. Otherwise, a B&J is a functional but ugly duckling.

I agree about the holders. The battleship grey is ugly but I have seen B&J cameras on Ebay that were stripped down and refinished that looked pretty nice.

16-Nov-2013, 15:42
The B&J may be ugly, but that's ok; it's part of the charm.
What people never mention is that it's grossly imprecise and wobbly, as if a 4-year old kid had made it.
The deal is too good to pass up, though, and you can always re-sell the camera alone for that price.

16-Nov-2013, 17:17
Well I called and talked to the guy and let him know that I'm going to take it but want to check it out more before I do. Some good points on the bellows that I should look into. Just have to find the time to take the drive up to Mass.

16-Nov-2013, 21:03
Heck of a deal. Ask if he has a lens, or any old film.

Jan Pedersen
16-Nov-2013, 21:48
Good deal. I learned 8x10 on a similar camera. Well, I learned a little but that was not the cameras fault. I eventually stripped the paint and after buying a Chamonix sold it here on this forum with a good profit. No, I will not return it :)
It is heavy and almost impossible to fit into a backpack but it does the job for a very low investment. Make sure the sliding block and if you want to use longer lenses the base extension is included.

16-Nov-2013, 22:53
Buy it! As others said, the holders themselves could pay for it for sure :)

Alan Gales
16-Nov-2013, 23:01
Buy it! As others said, the holders themselves cock pay for it for sure :)

Cock pay? What are you a porn star? :cool:

16-Nov-2013, 23:53
Cock pay? What are you a porn star? :cool:

Damn phone typing errors....

Alan Gales
17-Nov-2013, 00:06
Damn phone typing errors....

Here, I thought you were moonlighting!

Alan Gales
17-Nov-2013, 00:13
Stoned New York City in the new XXX movie, Darkroom dip-n-dunk.

Alan Gales
17-Nov-2013, 00:14
I need to go to bed. I'm getting silly!

18-Nov-2013, 19:32
Do not let this get away. Big Fish.

30-Nov-2013, 18:29

Picked up the Camera and it's sitting in the box in my office. I'll get photos out in a few days. The seller threw in a Goetz 6-1/2" Dagor wide angle on an recessed board since he think it went with the camera. I was hoping for a 300mm - ish for portraits and nudes since this is what the camera will be for, but a wide angle would be good for landscapes too. the 8x10 holders are all Riteway plastic except for one which is wooden. Camera is dustry from sitting in an office on display but minty!

He gave me the setup for $225 since he couldn't find the 5x7 holders.

Does anybody have any info on this lens? Good, bad?

30-Nov-2013, 20:25
Glad you bought the B&J, now load the holders and go out and enjoy the camera.