View Full Version : Biggest lens on Deardorff 5x7

16-Nov-2013, 08:47
I like to know what is the biggest (or/and heavier) lens i can use safely on a Deardorff 5x7 without damaging the front frame of it.
I know that the 41/2" lens board is a limitation.


E. von Hoegh
16-Nov-2013, 13:25
Probably something in the neighborhood of a 240mm f:5.6 Symmar. I've used a 30cm Dagor in Compound on a 4x5 Special, but that's a much lighter lens than the equivalent 300mm Symmar/5.6

17-Nov-2013, 06:41
Will something like a 8" f/4 Petzval or a 300mm f/4.5 Heliar be too heavy?
Will it put too much stress on the front frame?

17-Nov-2013, 08:29
Consider making a lens support.

Daniel Stone
17-Nov-2013, 10:41
I've used a 300W Fujinon lens on mine(4x5 Special, but use it with a 5x7 back most of the time), and it was fine.

Are you thinking petzval type lenses, OP?

17-Nov-2013, 11:32
Yes, like a 8 or 9" f/4 Derogy, Dallmeyer... It is tight on the 4 1/2" lens board but it works.
I'm concerned with the fragility of the front part. If it was to be used on a let say B&J Rembrant portrait or Anthony camera style, i wouldn't have any problems doing it.

17-Nov-2013, 15:15
I have an 8.5 inch f4 petzval and it's pretty light. that size lens should fit fine on a 4.5 inch lens board. I think the 300mm heliar might be two wide to fit with the flange diameter. I think a 240mm f4.5 Heliar would fit and not be too heavy

17-Nov-2013, 16:15
If the lens is paramount and the lens board offers insufficient support then you have no choice other than making a proper lens support!

WTF is so hard to understand?

17-Nov-2013, 18:17
WTF is so hard to understand?[/QUOTE]

Nothing, i was just asking to see what others photographers were using to be on the safe side...
I'm interested to try a Petzval lens with 5x7 and it is the camera i own!

Kevin Crisp
17-Nov-2013, 18:48
I've used the 15" Wolly telephoto many times, with no extra support other than tightening things down well. I think that is a 2 lb++ lens. I don't have one at the moment but used some big modern lenses in Copal 3 shutters without issues. Mine is a pre 50's 5X7 with no front swings.

17-Nov-2013, 19:44
19" Artar in Copal.