View Full Version : Ilex paragon anas lens

15-Nov-2013, 06:31
I have just brought a graflex crown 4x5 with a ILEX PARAGON ANASTIGMAT F4.5 61/2 165MM LENS I never used one of these lens- shutter
going to try and take some pics this week end ?????? are they ang good , is it worth sending it out for a CLA if it needs one , new to LF camera s does any one know were to get some information on these lens 104619104620

John Kasaian
15-Nov-2013, 07:41
It's a Tessar.
You can make excellent photographs with it, but it definitely won't take them on it's own.

15-Nov-2013, 08:05
I love them - most under rated lens there is ..maybe

you know how photos with heliars are all creamy and smooth? - paragons are the opposite.. contrasty and 'gritty'

15-Nov-2013, 08:33
Thank you