View Full Version : Wisner Price Increase - How Much?

Michael Kadillak
16-Aug-2004, 14:53
Wisner posted a price increase notification on their web site but has not stated how much anywhere I have found. Anyone have any details?


16-Aug-2004, 15:22
Your question seems rather academic.

Michael Kadillak
16-Aug-2004, 15:44
Call me curious, nothing more. I hate to think that the LF camera business is lucrative enough to support anything but a very modest increase and others will potentially follow.

16-Aug-2004, 17:36
Michael, The price increase will be about 10% on most items. Some items like 4x10 filmholders have gone from $95- to over $200 -, I just spoke to Ron and he said the 12x20 is up from $4500- to 5000-. He will update his site prices soon. I still have a new 12x20 for sale at the old price at my site and a new 7x17 coming in a few months at the old prices if anyone is interested.His cameras are still priced lower than other wooden camera makers, just not as wide a price gap now. www.deleon-ulf.com

18-Aug-2004, 16:56
Michael, Looks like Ron Wisner has raised his prices again. Two times in as many weeks.The current price for a new TF 12x20 is $5500.00, up 20%. Since my replacement costs will be much more now I will have to up my prices too. Looks like the days of moderately priced wooden ULF 12x20's are over. The 7x17 only went up around 10%.

Michael Kadillak
18-Aug-2004, 17:23
I was worried Emile that what you confirmed would be the case - a significant hit to the ULF consumer. At their old price, Wisner cameras represented good value and made it easier to deal with the consumer issues that have been dogging Ron for some time. However, when the price gets in line with other makers, the playing field gets a lot more level and do the options. Maybe a slow down in sales, which is what normally happens when a manufacturer in a niche market increases prices to this degree, will improve customer service and turn around times on repairs.

Glad that I got my 12x20 back for my 11x14 Tech Field when I did.


18-Aug-2004, 17:42
Michael, I'm sure all Wisner ULF camera owners will be happy about this as their cameras will now be worth more should they decide to sell. Only time will tell though how this will go in the long run. I have to admit that I'm wondering about this as it makes starting a business of this sort somewhat more tenuous. But I can't blame Ron for bringing his prices up closer to what the other companies are charging. Just wait though...the other ULF camera makers might just follow suit...

Jeff Moore
18-Aug-2004, 18:59
Just curious, but who are the other makers of ULF cameras other than Wisner?

Jorge Gasteazoro
18-Aug-2004, 19:08
Keith Canham, Philips, Lotus, Shen hao, Gandolfi, Ebony. They all make some if not all lines of ULF. Of course prices vary depemding on maker. You better make sure you have won the lottery if you want an Ebony ULF. Last I asked, $19,000 for a 12x20.

18-Aug-2004, 19:26
$19,000!!! Two years ago it was $16,000. I know the dollar is weak right now but I could get a nice brand new Japanese compact car for that! But in 10 years the car wouldn't be worth nearly as much as the camera ;) Japanese wood/leather and metal camera makers must be more highly paid than the same in autowork ... A 2000lb car and a 25lb camera....same price...same country...Hmm...

Michael Kadillak
18-Aug-2004, 20:01
Ebony makes fine cameras with dedicated and devoted clients that are passionate about their products, but at what price? Only the wealthy can afford them. I say that there will always be better deals in the used market if you do your homework.

I acquired my 11x14 Wisner Tech Field for $1,500 less than new in the used market and it looked like it came directly from the factory. My F&S 12x20 was very reasonably priced even after new bellows and a week or two at a New England spa.

But lets not forget that we are not talking about high tech here. A device that holds a lens and a film holder in a variable position that locks down and folds into a compact form. Given the prices that camera makers are getting for ULF cameras, with a modest continuation of this demand curve I say that we should see some new more reasonably priced alternatives in the market shortly.

Don't panic - innovate!

18-Aug-2004, 20:40
It's an interesting time. Good for the enterprising enterpreneur to start a new ULF camera company. The only problem is that the initial enthusiasum with attendant low prices is sure to be replaced with the bottom line/reality soon enough as it is such a limited market. I would think that if there is a chance to make $1500.00 profit off the camera rather than $500.00, just to stay in business the price would have to go up.

20-Aug-2004, 05:46
Emile, just tried to loggon to your site, but in order to do so I have to send and receive a data packet to 'Go Daddy Software Inc' which, according to my spyware app., is a registered spyware host. Is this intentional?

20-Aug-2004, 16:56
Julian, I need to look into that. Thanks for the info. Emile