View Full Version : Please help me. Horseman viewer

Juan del Junco
12-Nov-2013, 08:58
I have bought a Horseman Binocular Reflex viewer and I canīt fit in my Horseman L45
can anybody help me?
sorry about my english and the images (iphone:()104470104471104472

Simon Liddiard
12-Nov-2013, 09:22
This thread's pictures might help: http://photo.net/large-format-photography-forum/005LXb

This one also has a picture that might help: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?51140-Has-anyone-used-a-Horseman-Folding-Binocular-Viewer-on-an-Ebony-4x5

Juan del Junco
12-Nov-2013, 11:46
hi. I saw that picture before, but the back in the sinnar of the picture is diferent. you can "open" it and the focussing glass is there!!

Phil Hudson
13-Nov-2013, 13:58
Unfortunately you are missing the hinged adapter frame for Horseman cameras. Your viewer fits only the Sinar ground glass frame without the adapter.