View Full Version : The clearest clear bags?

Darin Boville
11-Nov-2013, 18:02
I bought a few packages of Archival Methods clear bags. Look a tad yellow, dulls the highlights a bit. I'd pay more for a really clear "archival" bag. Bonus point if the bag material wasn't *quite* so reflective...

Anyone do a comparison between the various vendors?


11-Nov-2013, 18:19
clearbags.com, the ones with the adhesive strip on the bag, not the flap.

Bruce Barlow
12-Nov-2013, 06:07
A second for Clearbags. The adhesive strip on the bag, rather than the flap, is wonderful.

Darin Boville
12-Nov-2013, 09:31
btw, the Archival Methods bags also have the strip on the bag part, not the flap.

Have you guys done a direct comparison of the two brands in terms of being colorless? Any other brands out there?


12-Nov-2013, 09:50
No, I haven't but the clear bags are completely colorless and don't yellow over time (ten years). They ARE nicer than most of the bags I see people using. PM me if you want me to mail you an 8x10 bag to check out. I have a bunch since I rarely use that size.

evan clarke
12-Nov-2013, 14:23
Me too, clearbags. I use them for all my negs too..They have all the sizes.

Bruce Barlow
12-Nov-2013, 14:30
Life's way too short to be comparing bags when there are so many pictures to be made.

They're bags. They so the job.

Jim Andrada
19-Nov-2013, 17:27
Plus whatever for Clearbags. I'm satisfied - so are the folks who buy the prints.

evan clarke
19-Nov-2013, 17:31
I print platinum through clearbags,

Bruce Barlow
20-Nov-2013, 06:01
Wow! I have a clear piece of some kind of plastic through which I print PT. Never thought of a Clearbag. Cool!

20-Nov-2013, 06:14
Thank you. Old dog now has new trick. Maybe I am not old.

6-Jan-2014, 09:26
I love pel's stuff (http://www.preservationequipment.com/). The clear archival pockets are sturdy and re-usable.

Darin Boville
8-Jan-2014, 02:06
My clear bag order just arrived today. I'll compare the Clear Bag brand (both regular and premium) and the Archival Methods bag and will report back (if I don't forget).