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Michael Kadillak
14-Aug-2004, 15:04
I have a older 14" f 7.7 Dagor that I acquired in an Acme shutter that was sticking at slow speeds. I sent it to Grimes and they told me that they could not repair the shutter because they do not have the parts.

Anyone else know where I might be able to find a repairman with expertise and parts for this shutter or maybe where I might be able to find a replacement or cost effective alternative shutter?

Thanks in advance!

Robert A. Zeichner
14-Aug-2004, 15:24
Seems odd. As I recall, these are designed to run dry and several that I've seen with sticky slow speeds were easily fixed with a good cleaning. Have you tried to clean the slow speed escapement?

Michael Kadillak
14-Aug-2004, 15:39
I have not opened it up yet Robert and have no idea as to how to clean the slow speed escapement. Ironically, the "T" setting seems to work fine with a cable release. The 1/5 and 1 second settings seem to have a hard time for the blades of the iris to close at the end of the exposure as they rather bind a bit. 1/25th seems to be cripser but I have not tested the shutter.

Grimes just old me that they were unable (or unwilling) to work on the shutter although I do believe that they are straight up folks and gave it a look.

Ernest Purdum
14-Aug-2004, 16:00
Is this a dial-set shutter? I know these Ilex's are not well regarded. The threads would be, I think, the same size as later Ilex products of the same size, so obtaining a later one might be your best bet. I don't think it is very hard to find any of them except the size 5. Dagor's are rather compact, so I doubt if yours needs more than a size 4. eBay and a little patience might solve your problem.

Michael Kadillak
14-Aug-2004, 16:23
Yes Ernest, it is a dial set shutter and appears to be about the size of an Ilex #4. I will do a bit of looking into the specs to see it your idea might bear fruit. Thanks!

Jon Wilson
14-Aug-2004, 16:32
Try Carol Miller at flutotscamera@earthlink.net; She recently serviced my Ilex#5 Caltar 375mm and I am very pleased with the professional service. She is also provides Dagor77 the CLAs and time sheets for many of his ebay items. It is worth an email to see if she can help you.

Michael Kadillak
14-Aug-2004, 16:35
Thanks a bunch Jon. I will give her a try.

Bob Fowler
16-Aug-2004, 07:54
You've got a problem... The dial set #4 is a dog, plain and simple. Where the big issue lies is that the front and rear threads for the lens cells are NOT the same as the rim-set #4. You could probebly have the Grimes shop make a set of adapters to mount it into a #5, or maybe if you're lucky, a Copal 3.

16-Aug-2004, 08:24
A 14" f:7.7 Dagor is a real jewel of a lens, and worth putting some bucks into it so it can be used. The last one (made by Schneided) came in a Copal #3, and Grimes has those in stock I think.

Paul Ron
21-Aug-2004, 14:44
Try posting your problem on this site... http://www.kyphoto.com/classics/forum/

These guys are mostly retired repairmen who know old shutters can classic cameras.

good luck