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Dean Taylor
8-Nov-2013, 01:50

Is anyone familiar with a brush-on adhesive with a low-tack property to it, which might retain its 'tack' after 'moderate use'?

For example, brush it on the back of a print (e.g., the four corners), press to, e.g., a cabinet, pull away without a struggle, press to another surface (ideally without reapplying adhesive), etc. Or, a reasonable facsimile thereof...

I have a project in mind where this could be useful...

thank you!

Dean Taylor

ps: someone had suggested using Blu-Tack--apparently a putty-type of adhesive...if possible, a brush-on chemical is preferred for this project...

8-Nov-2013, 02:36
You're going to get all sorts of "it's not archival!!!!" Comments
Not brush on, but removable ATG tape might work. It's similar to post-it note kinda sticky on the removable side.

Drew Wiley
8-Nov-2013, 10:04
You can find it in a 3M commercial division catering strictly to conservators, that is, if you're willing to spend half your life running the interminable gauntlet of 3M's
horrific multitude of convoluted isolated divisions, and if you're willing to die young from the fumes. I forget the exact name of the produce, which of course you
need in advance, along with the specific product number, before you can identify anything pro 3M. I gave up on the idea a long time ago. It demands a full-bore
industrial spray booth, and was distinctly non-archival with respect to photo emulsions. Short term graphics mouting is often done with hot wax. And 3M still sells
their repositionable mounting adhesive sheets for photos, which have a nasty habit of repositioning themselves as the corners and so forth lift over time. Permanent
acrylic adhesive really really a pressure roller system. The actual category of adhesives is under 3M's Post-It division; but that applies only to engineering and
hypothetical custom applications. ... by the time you wade thru that processs, you won't be taking pictures anyway, but attaching bits a macaroni with Elmer's
glue in the craft class in the insane asylum.

Mark Stahlke
8-Nov-2013, 10:45
Scotch Mounting Putty (http://www.scotchbrand.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/ScotchBrand/Scotch/Products/Catalog/?N=5584757+4335+3294601534&rt=rud) might do the trick.

Drew Wiley
8-Nov-2013, 14:16
We sell it as "Museum Putty", marketed for keeping vases and objects slipping off shelves here in earthquake country. Probably twelve different divisions of 3M sell
it under twelve different names. Typical.

Andrew O'Neill
9-Nov-2013, 08:47
Or be a real man and use Red Green's method. Duct tape... even the 3M brand will suffice. But why pay an arm and a leg when you can pick it up at the local $ store for a couple of Loonies :) Seriously though, the putty sounds about your best option.

9-Nov-2013, 10:50
3M Removable Repositionable Tape 9415PC