View Full Version : Processing Problems with Tanol

Tobias Key
7-Nov-2013, 06:36

Hello everyone,

I've just started experimenting with Tanol (a pyrocat type developer) and I'm getting a persistent problem with black spots on the negative (white on the print). I tried three times to get clean negatives and failed.

The things I have tried so far are:

Dumping all the chemistry from the first two attempts and remixing everything with distilled water (I already did this for the developer but I did it also for the water stop bath and fix).

Changing the film type I was using

Thoroughly re-washing all containers.

I have noticed that there is some crystallisation in the 'A' solution and at the moment this is what I now suspect is to blame. The spots on the neg do look a bit like tiny patches of severe over development, they are very dark and have slight 'bleed' around the edges.

If this is the case what is the best way to remedy this - I have tried heating up the developer but to no avail. I think the solution is glycol (it foams when shaken) do how hot do I have to make it to get the crystals to dissolve?

Thank you in advance