View Full Version : What will you choose between TOYO 45AII and AII-L?

Wisawa S.
13-Aug-2004, 15:07
I've been quoted for the same $1380 on both new 45AII and AII-L that I can't make decision (Toyo's price is cheaper here in Thailand:-). The two are only different in lens board. Below are summaries that I know of.

1. Linhof/Wista board are smaller that make them more useful in the field.
2. LinhofWista board are widely used by other field cameras that will be useful if I buy another field camera in the future.
3. I want a recessed board for 75/58 mm. lens and I don't know how expensive Wista recessed boards are and how difficult you get the control. Since Toyo recessed boards are bigger and are the same size as my Arca boards that I think is good to get the control, I think Toyo recessed boards are better in this point.

That leads me to the question. If you were to choose between Toyo Toyo 45AII and AII-L, what would you do? And why? which recessed boards are cheaper between Toyo and Wista? B+H lists Wista recessed board for $276!!! I guess about $80 for Toyo. Where can I buy this Linhof/Wista recessed board at a reasonable price?

Please Help. Thank you.

Ernest Purdum
13-Aug-2004, 16:37
When it comes to recessed boards (which I dislike but know are sometimes necessary), my thought is the bigger the better.

Andre Noble
13-Aug-2004, 18:46
If you think you'll ever get a Linhof monorail such as the Technikardan to compliment your Toyo Field 45AII-L camera, then the linhoff version toyo is worth consideration.

Linhof boards can be found on EBay.

Gem Singer
13-Aug-2004, 20:19
Hi Wisawa,

Toyo makes an accessory adapter board for the 45AII so that you can use the Linhof Tech boards, if you desire. From my experience, the Toyo field 12.5mm recessed lensboard works very well with a 75mm lens mounted in a Copal 0 shutter. The boards for the Toyo view cameras are larger (158mm x 158mm) than the boards for the 45AII field camera (110mm x 110mm). Toyo boards are not exactly the same size as Arca boards.

I would choose the Toyo 45AII and purchase a genuine Toyo field recessed board from Jim, at Midwest Photo Exchange (www.mpex.com). New ones are not as expensive as Wista recessed boards. Jim may even have a used one for sale. E-mail jim@mpex.com. He ships internationally.

13-Aug-2004, 21:19
I would tend to go for the Linhof style on size grounds. However, if you are likely to use a large lens requiring a larger hole than a #3 shutter then you may find the Linhof board too small.

As with any Linhof style recessed board, it is a *very* tight fit in there and difficult to see the f-stop settings in dim light. You can not see the side edge of the shutter, except at the top (just - at a 45 degree angle), so you have to set and read the speed settings from the front & the f-stop settings from the top - plus the cocking lever is in the way of the smaller f-stop settings on the Copal... <sigh>... I removed my 90mm SA from a recessed board because of all this faffing about and put up with the somewhat reduced available rise/fall.

In the light of this, if you are going to use recessed boards for more than one lens, or for your most often used lens, I would suggest you think seriously about using the larger boards in order to make your life easier. Also, check if you will actually need a recessed board for your camera+lens+bag bellows combination. Perhaps someone here has used this combination?

Badger stock a cheaper recessed Linhof style board from Shen Hao (65USD). Obviously not as good quality-wise as a genuine Linhof/Wista board, but perfectly adequate. BTW, the flat panel that came with my Shen Hao was binned immediately - total rubbish. Other makes of "generic" recessed panels are available from the larger dealers.