View Full Version : When is a Compur 0 not a Compur 0...

Ian Greenhalgh
5-Nov-2013, 21:44
When the front thread is the correct size but the rear thread is a couple of mm smaller.

I now have two of these beasts, sadly. They look exactly like a 0 but the rear tube and threads are slightly narrower. I don't have any accurate way of measuring them but it's around 2-3mm difference, rendering them rathr less useful.

The first one I've had a few months, it has a Kodak label on the faceplate and housed a f4.5 124mm tessar-type Kodak Anastigmat, it came from a German Kodak Six-16 folder.

The second one I just acquired and looks identical, apart from the faceplate which doesn't have Kodak on it. it houses a B&L Tessar Ic f4.5 4 3/8".

Has anyone run into this sort of Compur before? I also have a Compur I removed from a Kodak Vollenda 620 folder and that is a perfectly standard 0, so Nagel/Kodak were using both standard 0 and this unusual type at the same time.