View Full Version : New article by David Munson: Deardorff 8x10

QT Luong
13-Aug-2004, 14:38
A new article by David Munson,

The Deardorff 8x10 Field Camera (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/deardorff-8x10/) has been posted. Please feel free to leave any constructive comments in this thread.

Neal Shields
13-Aug-2004, 14:53
Top of my project list was figuring out how to build a good ground glass protector. Worth reading the article just for that.

13-Aug-2004, 15:41
great stuff dave...


13-Aug-2004, 15:48
great article, will make my own GG protector right away

Brian Ellis
13-Aug-2004, 18:52
Interesting and informative article about a great classic camera, thanks Dave.

13-Aug-2004, 20:12
Thanks. Although I have no aspirations to ever own a Deardorf, I love to read about classic photographic equipment. As a suggestion: put a date of publication on the home page articles, please.

David R Munson
14-Aug-2004, 09:02
It was a pleasure to write - only took me two years to get it finished! Anyhow, for those interested in the ground glass protector, there is a thread here (http://largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/497175.html) where I describe the construction of it.

Brian Ellis
16-Aug-2004, 13:54
For those like me who prefer to spend money rather than doing it themselves, Canham makes a very nice 8x10 ground glass protector that works well with the Deardorff. It costs about $30. Calumet sells, or used to sell, one also but theirs is ugly black ABS plastic or something like that. Also doesn't feel as solid as Canham's.