View Full Version : 210mm: Super Symmar HM versus Super Symmar XL

J. P. Mose
13-Aug-2004, 09:14
Other than the lack of image circle that the "XL" has over the "HM", does the "HM" perform as well in regards to sharpness, resolution, light fall off, color fringe, etc.? This would be to use with an 8X10 for landscape/pictorial purposes. Thanks in advance.

André Thomas
13-Aug-2004, 11:05
I can't compare the XL with the HM. But I have the SuperSymmar HM 150mm/5.6 and it is my sharpest lens and I can't imagin that I will get a better picture with the XL.

13-Aug-2004, 11:09
The HMs are famous for performing well at wide apertures if I am not mistaken, but they seem to be discontinued.

Ed Burlew
13-Aug-2004, 15:24
I have the 210 xlss.It is a very very sharp lense. I have done 50x60 inch enlargements where every blade of grass is crisp. I used Porta 160 VS. I am a stickler for sharpness and this is a top grade lense. You should get the neutral density graded filter to prevent the feeling of falloff is you use shifts. Do not hesitate on the basis of performance. It is very large and heavy and expensive. It needs a camera with the ability to holf the lense up. If you are using an older camera then the front standard screws can be weak. On my wisner the screws that hold the hardware the lenseboards fit into were a joke. To be good I had to get small stainless screws for model airplanes and replace the dinky screws wisner used.

joe a kras
13-Aug-2004, 20:48
I recently traded in my 210 HM for the 210 SSXL. The 210 HM was the sharpest of all my lenses for 8X10. A shot of El Capitan revealed climbers, with the aid of a loop, which I did not see when the shot was taken. I could make out the red backpacks they were wearing. A very sharp lens. The DD I used was stable enough to hold this huge lens and it had sufficient coverage for all but very extreme movements. As I have only had the 210 SSXL for a short period of time I can't really comment on it's performance. If it is like the rest of it's stable mates the 80, 110 and the 150 I'm certain I will not be disappointed. By the way I shoot E100VS most often and didn't see a need for a center filter with the 210HM, at least when shooting landscapes with minor amounts of movement. With the film I was using I was very pleased with the contrast both in color and b&w. I have had drum scans done and light jet printed and these are the closest I have ever seen to capturing the radiance of transparency film. The only drawback you would have with either lens would be the weight/size for any landscape backpacking you may have in mind.