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Ian Greenhalgh
4-Nov-2013, 02:28
Hi folks

I have been searching in vain for info on an f6.8 80mm Dagor, an uncoated German Goerz that looks like it dates from the early 1920s.

I know that Dagors coverage increases when stopped down, but what portion of the image circle is actually usable? I mean, are they like Angulons where the outer part of the image circle is quite soft?

Does anyone have any specific info on an 80mm f6.8 Dagor? I'm guessing it's for 9x12cm, but it's only a guess. If stopped down to, let's say f45, what might the coverage be?

4-Nov-2013, 02:38
An 80mm Dagor wouldn't cover 9x12 even at f45. I don't have coverage figures for an 80mm but I do for a 90mm which just covers 6x7 at f6.8, and quarter plate by f45, so the 80mm Dagor will be off a 120 roll film camera.


Ian Greenhalgh
4-Nov-2013, 02:48
Cheers Ian.

Steven Tribe
4-Nov-2013, 03:02
Goerz made special sizes for camera makers, but the 9cm was the smallest standard lens (00).
The coverage given for the 9cm was (in 1912) 6x9cm at F6.8 and 10x13cm with smaller apertures.These figures surely only apply to the very restricted movements on a folding 9x12cm plate camera - which made up 95% of the sales market.

Dan Fromm
4-Nov-2013, 05:45
Steven, in 1913 Goerz American cataloged Dagors in sizes as small as 0000. The text is hard to read, but I think the focal length is 1.75", 45 mm. See http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/goerz_2.html , p. 39.

German-made 60/6.8 Dagor pairs on or from stereo cameras occasionally surface on eBay.

4-Nov-2013, 07:54
I have 75mm f/6.8 Dagor and use it on 6x9 at f/22 and covers it. I do not think you will be able to cover 9x12" with 80mm Dagor. Some say Angulon 65mm f/6.8 does it when stopped down.