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Tracy Storer
12-Aug-2004, 11:55
Hi folks, I have started loading the long overdue gallery section of mammothcamera.com. I will fine tune the pages and add more artists as I get the files from my clients. There's also a note on "Roadtrips" on the workshop/events page; have camera, will travel.


best, Tracy

Eric Jones
12-Aug-2004, 12:05
You portraits in the gallery are amazing, they must look incredible on the wall. If you dont mind can you share some tech details? Like what lens you use to cover that format and what was your stop and subject distance on average?


David R Munson
12-Aug-2004, 12:10
+1 LF-related bookmark. Sweet.

Great looking work there.

QT Luong
12-Aug-2004, 13:47
In announcing new material, please provide a direct link to the new articles, not a general link to the home page. Providing a link to the home page is seen as advertising that site.

Tracy Storer
12-Aug-2004, 14:11
Sorry, thanks for the guidance on that, here are those pages:



Sincerely, Tracy

Tracy Storer
12-Aug-2004, 17:34
Eric, Thanks! Main lens for years was the Fuji 600-A, then had to switch to Fuji 600-C.(infinity to 1.5x) I've kind of played "musical lenses" on the close-ups. Once you rack out to 2x and beyond, a lot of lenses will cover. Over the years these are the lenses I've used for the tight faces: Fuji 360C? Caltar/Rodenstock 360mm, Apo-Nikor360mm, 480mmApo-Ronar, 19" Dagor, 16.5" Dagor, 14" Dagor, and 360mm GraphicKowa. Subject distances range from several feet to 19".(2.5X with 14" lens) Between bellows factor and being careful not to fry my sitters, I'm shooting at modest apertures. Wide open f/7.7-f/11.5 to maybe f/22max for color. The black and white film is faster, allowing greater depth of field with moderate illumination. I would like to add more articles of information like this to the site eventually...FAQs at least. Thanks again for your interest,