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1-Nov-2013, 11:48
I'm looking for a reasonable price of my camera for insurance company (to get insurance for it).
Camera and lense is ok and nice working condition and used by weekly.
I travel a lot, so i like to get insurance for my precious :)

Falz & Werner, 24x30cm mahogany field camera (with working "eye-lid" shutter)
Voigtlander & Sohn Portrait-Euryscop III No. 5A [Sn:48742]
Two 2-side casettes for 24x30cm glass negative (or film with back support plate)

103938 103939 103940 103937

Tapio from Finland

Steven Tribe
1-Nov-2013, 12:20
How big is the "reisekamera"?
There is a lot of difference between the 18x24 versions and the 24x30 and 30x40cm sizes.

OK sorry - you mentioned the plate holders, so it is a 24x30 one.
As your probably know, there is a big difference between the value of these things in different parts of the world. In Finland and Sweden the value (replacement cost) is quite low.

We don't like talking about value as it :

- is very dependent on condition.
- encourages "misuse" by people who are going to sell items.

I would have thought that these items would be unsaleable (easily identifiable - although the series III was very popular as a studio workhorse here in the North), but anyway would be covered by normal travel/family insurance policies.

I will send you a valuation based of what they would fetch within Scandinavia (on a good day for the seller!) by PM.

The Grundner shutter is terribly underrated. It is a genius design that was fitted to all good Studio cameras where I live, but is virtual unknown outside a few countries in Europe.

1-Nov-2013, 13:08
Thanks Steve for "scandinavian" estimated reasonable value of the camera price.

More estimated values are wellcome, so get idea of "real" value in case i lose it, and i want to buy second one.

25-Jan-2014, 16:27
Your first port of call is probably your insurance company or broker. Your policy will tell you whether they are looking at "market value" (which seems to be what you are actually asking about) or "replacement value" - which may, depending on the policy, be "new for old" or "like for like". Each one of these prices could be different. And with anything classed as an "antique" (whether it's a working camera like this, or simply a decorative object) the company may have different ideas again.

When you give them "a price", make sure you know what they will do about that value if you ever have to claim on it.

Joshua Dunn
25-Jan-2014, 17:47
I can't vouch for them as I have never used them but I know Tom C. Pickard & Co., Inc. (TCP & Co.) does camera insurance. Their website is http://www.tcpinsurance.com and you can fill out an application for a free online insurance quote.