View Full Version : Sinar to Linhof lensboard adapter (DIY)

Janko Belaj
12-Aug-2004, 05:46
Hello, I'm in need of picture of Linhof-Sinar lensboard adapter. I have Sinar with few lenses and I have bought small Tachihara which use Linhof lensboard. Now I have moved my lenses to smaller boards and I would like to made adapter based on one of my Sinar lensboards.
Well, I have some idea how to made such adapter, shouldn't be to complicated, but seeing the "real" (or better to say "working") one will help. Couldn't find one on the net.
If anyone can shot his/her adapter, can you send me a photo on my e-mail?
Btw, anyone have any sugestion inspired with his own trial/error?

Jeff Dyck
12-Aug-2004, 11:04

These come up on eBay with some frequency - here are a few recent auction numbers that include pictures -

3831580867 3832018197 3830710878

Now - if anyone has a much harder to find Sinar to Toyo (110mm field) adapter board for sale out there, I am looking!

tim atherton
12-Aug-2004, 11:22
two other options - look for Horseman to linhoff adapters - they often sell for cheaper used and it's basically the same. I just finally got one off ebay for just under $65.00 and I missed a similar one trhat went for 75.00 a couple of weeks ago. I think they are also quite a bit cheaper ne.

If you are still going DIY, you can see here how it's made


The other optiuon is to get one from Bromwell


I think they also sell his through B&H and Adorama sometimes - It's 169.00 for the Sinar to Tech and the Sinar to Toyo (I've seen pix but never actually laid hands on one though...)

Bruce Barlow
12-Aug-2004, 13:22
Richard Ritter can make one. 802-387-7807. I don't know if he has blank Sinar boards, you might have to send him one.

Ron Bose
13-Aug-2004, 15:10
Watch out for 'Linhof' centre and generic centre.

The genuine Linhof lensboards are not drilled centrally with respect to the light-trap lip. Generic Linhof look-a-like lensboards generally are.

Therefore, when you order a Sinar to Linhof lensboard adaptor, you need to specify which hole should ultimately be centred (Linhof or generic). I believe that Ted Bromwell's boards are generic or light-trap lip centred.

If the adapter board is centred with respect to the light trap lip and you put a true Linhof lensboard in to it, the Linhof board lens axis will be lower by a few millimeters. Therefore your zero detents on rise/fall will not be accurate. (You can adjust easily enough, but you'll lose some rise capacity.)

Adam at S.K.Grimes is well aware of this issue and can produce an adapter for either.

Cheers ...