View Full Version : Is there a problem taking the standards off a view camera a lot?

Yaakov Asher Sinclair
22-Jul-1999, 22:11
Is there a problem taking the standards off a view camera a lot?

I think I read something about this spoiling the lubrication. I have a Toyo 45C X and want to backpack with it. Thanks in advance for your help Yaakov Asher Sinclair Jerusalem Israel

Ellis Vener
23-Jul-1999, 14:24
Rabbi, this is why they make field cameras. Try to keep the standards clean and grit free by keeping them in large plastic baggies.

Robert A. Zeichner
25-Jul-1999, 10:17
When I first started out in large format, I was using a Horseman 45FA, not too dissimilar from your Toyo. Both are fine cameras. What I discovered was that when I went to places like Death Valley, the fine grains of sand that seemed to be everywhere, would find their way into every moving part of the camera. Having once spent years repairing cameras, I had the tools and lubricants to clean it all up, but I didn't carry those things with me when I went backpacking! I now use a Wisner Traditional wooden field camera. It's designed to run totally dry and comes completely apart in minutes with nothing more than a screwdriver and miniature slipjoint pliers, which I do take with me along with a 1" camel's hair brush! Last trip I made to the desert, I was able to field strip the camera in my car and continue my journey undaunted! As long as you're careful in doing so, I can't imagine this routine disassembly of a camera like the Wisner would do any harm. Doing the same with any metal field camera I know of without benefit of the right tools, lubricants and working environment could result in problems. One additional word of caution; When conditions are bad enough to warrant cleaning the camera, it's fairly safe to assume that dirt has gotten into the shutter as well. You really have to keep those from getting dirty to avoid costly shutter overhauls. Best of Luck and please visit my website: razeichner.com