View Full Version : Does anyone recognize this 8x10 camera extension?

Jonathan Barlow
28-Oct-2013, 12:30
It looks like mahogany, measures 8-1/8" wide x 14-1/2" long x 1" high and the alignment pins are 5" apart, center to center. The brass focusing tracks are 7-1/4" apart, center to center. The single side grooves are 3/8" down from the top and lined with very fine brass strips. The only mark is the number 33 stamped into the wood on the bottom.

I assume it's American because of the Standard dimensions, but does it look familiar to anyone?



103762 103763

Jon Shiu
28-Oct-2013, 12:36
It is for a Gundlach Korona. One pin looks long and tapered. It causes a safety stop in the rear of the base to retract, so that the rear standard can be moved onto the rear rail.


Peter Gomena
28-Oct-2013, 12:42
Jon's right.

The wood is cherry with a "mahogany" stain.

Jonathan Barlow
28-Oct-2013, 12:50
Thanks for the help, and in under 6 minutes!