View Full Version : adusting cam and glass to match.

sid gimple
11-Aug-2004, 15:22
i cant get the rangefinder and glass to match. i have a linhof v. the lense and cam match and were made for the v. i know how to set the stops as i have done same with my horseman vhr. how and where can i adust the range finder cam to work correctly.

Bob Salomon
11-Aug-2004, 16:05
Call Marflex 973 808-9626.

12-Aug-2004, 13:57
If the cam is slid all the way in place, and the front rail is cranked all the way to the rear, then the RF images should be aligned at infinity (I like to visualize on the moon). If it does that, then you simply need to set the infinity stops so that your lens is focused at infinity. If it doesn't line up, then you got problems and do, indeed, need to call marflex.

Bob Salomon
12-Aug-2004, 14:21
"the lense and cam match"

By serial number or by focal length? Must be by both.

A word about moving the infinity stops.

They have pointed screws that dig into the rails. When you re-position the stops you will leave small pit marks on the rails.

If you don't know how to reset the gg/stops this should be done by someone who will leave as few marks as possible to maintain as high a residual value in the camera as possible.

It may also be well past time for the camera to receive a CLA as well. The V was discontinued in 1976 so, if it has not beed serviced it is more then time to do so.