View Full Version : Zeiss Jena Tessar 360 4.5

27-Oct-2013, 07:04

Sur la baie, there is a Zeiss Tessar lens 36 4.5 for sale.
No. this lens is 0907.
In the article Arne Crröll 's (large format lenses from VEB Carl Zeiss Jena) , the 360 4.5 should wear No. 1001-1800.
Is that it is a prototype?
Thank you for answers,

Dan Fromm
27-Oct-2013, 08:48
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Many possible explanations, including transcription error (from the factory log books to Arne's source) and lookup error. Probably not a prototype.

Arne Croell
29-Oct-2013, 10:21
What Dan said. I just checked again, in the 2011 edition of the Thiele's production lists the 360 does start at 1001, so either the production card for that batch got lost, or it was some error at Zeiss. I'll add a remark to my text.


PS: prototype is unlikely, since the lens did not change when they switched from the old to the new numbering system.