View Full Version : APO-Gerogon 9/150 vs G-Claron 9/150

Ian Greenhalgh
26-Oct-2013, 17:51
Hi folks

I have both these lenses, and I mounted them on a set of M39 bellows and shot some 35mm film with them, to see how they held up at distance before deciding which would work best on my 5x7.

The APO-Gerogon returned great results, sharp even at f9. The G-Glaron, well, it's soft, even at f22.

They are in the original barrels so I'm sure it's not a spacing issue, the glass is clean and free from defects.

Does this suggest I just have a duff copy of the G-Claron and a good copy of the APO-Gerogon?

A bit annoying as the G-Claron I can just put the cells into one of my spare Prontor-S shutters, whereas the APO-Gerogon will require adapters made to fit a #1 Compur.

I also happen to have a Symmar 5.6/150 and a Componon-S 5.6/150, both of which fit a #1 Compur, would either of those cover 5x7? I don't require room for movements.

Dan Fromm
27-Oct-2013, 08:57
Re the soft results from the G-Claron, try again. Operator error is always possible, replicates done from scratch help eliminate it. FWIW, the one 150 G-Claron I've had seemed soft, on first trial and on retest.

You can find information on older (but post-1960 or so) Schneider lenses here https://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/index.htm Please don't ask about them again.

The 150 Symmar seems your best bet. No added expense, just covers 5x7

Ian Greenhalgh
28-Oct-2013, 15:04
Please don't ask about them again.

Dan, I wanted to hear from people who have actually used the lenses, rather than just manufacturer's data, so I shall ask.

Roger Thoms
28-Oct-2013, 16:54
I have a 150mm G-Claron which I shoot on 4x5 and it is definitely sharp. Mine was originally in a barrel but I had SK Grimes remount it in a Copal shutter. I know that the G-Claron should be a direct fit into the Copal shutter but I needed the aperture scales engraved so I sent them everything and had them make sure that the spacing was correct. I don't know what is going on with your G-Claron but it should be sharp especially at f22. I would be inclined to put the cells into your Prontor S shutter and it again.


Kevin Crisp
28-Oct-2013, 17:00
If the G Claron is not sharp at f:22, then either you made a mistake in the test or there is something wrong with it.

In my experience a 150 Symmar will NOT cover 5X7 (almost, but not quite) and was not rated as a 5X7 lens. The APO Symmar was.

Ian Greenhalgh
29-Oct-2013, 07:40
Thanks guys. So I need to persist with the G-Claron then. I can try it in both a Compur and a Prontor.

Ian Greenhalgh
6-Nov-2013, 03:28
Well, I've got both lenses mounted to try on 5x7. The APO-Gerogon is front mounted on a Compur #1 using an M39 adapter I had made - a handy thing to have as it makes it easy to shoot all kinds of M39 lenses. The G-Claron is in a Compur 0.