View Full Version : Kudos for Schneider Customer Service

Scott Bacon
11-Aug-2004, 10:59
I want to express my appreciation to Schneider Optics Customer Service and share my experience with others here on the forum.

I recently purchased a used Schneider Tele-Xenar 300mm f/5.5. I couldn't find specification info on the lens anywhere on the web. I didn't need the information - I was mostly, just curious. So I sent an inquiry to Schneider through their website figuring it couldn't hurt. The U.S. representative searched for the info, but could find none. So he forwarded my request to their factory in Germany. There, someone dug up an old brochure from 1938 which listed some information on the lens and others which are contemporary to the time period. Then they scanned the brochure and emailed the .pdf file to me - simply excellent!

I am very pleased that the folks at Schneider were willing to go to such lengths for an amatuer-noboby-user like me, who bought a 50+ year old lens. Kudos to Schneider Optics!

George Hart
11-Aug-2004, 11:52
I agree. I have had a similar response from them when asking for detailed info on a few selected MF lenses.

Brian Ellis
11-Aug-2004, 12:25
Me too, when needing lens caps for used Schneider lenses. Very nice people, very helpful, prompt shipping, reasonable cost.

11-Aug-2004, 15:16
I got service that was almost too good. I called about a spec of god-knows-what that was visible inside my apo componon enlarging lens. I asked if they thought it would make a difference. They said to send it in for a cleaning. They actually replaced the lens! Honestly, I would have prefered it if they just cleaned my old familiar one, but you can't fault them for doing too little ...

neil poulsen
13-Aug-2004, 09:39
I've always thought that, as an organization, Schneider has a lot of class. Take their vintage lens data. A lot of companies wouldn't publish that data, thinking that it would cause them to lose business. Their tech support people have always been forthcoming.