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dileep prakash
22-Jul-1999, 14:34
I have a Rajah wood field 5x4 camera with a lensboard 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches. I wa nt to buy a wide lens - about 90 mm f4.5 or 5.6 for it. What cheap and good lens can I buy. Can you suggest some lenses and places in Hongkong and San Francisco where it would be available.


sheldon hambrick
22-Jul-1999, 17:51
Well, I can at least answer this part, if has to be f4.5 or f5.6, it ain't gonna be cheap. Can you live with f8? These can be picked up for $350-$500.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
22-Jul-1999, 23:33
What about an older 6.8 Angulon - very tiny and often cheap?

23-Jul-1999, 19:22
I use a Schneider 90 mm f6.3 Angulon and find it to work great on a field camera. I bought mine for $100 with a bad shutter. After the shutter was repaired I had a great lens for less than $200. Movements are limited but that has never caused me a problem with landscapes photography.

Bruce M. Herman
24-Jul-1999, 02:09
What do you mean by cheap? I have a Fujinon 90 mm f5.6 in Copal shutter which I am advertising for $895. It's in excellent condition, and still has it's original box, if that's of interest to you The ad is in photo.net classified.

Email me if you're interested.