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R.J. Fox
10-Aug-2004, 14:52
I just purchased a Century Graphic (I'm a total newbie to Graphics, but not to medium format). The Century has the 80/2.8 Schneider Xenotar on it, which apparently was a standard lens on a few of the late models.

Should I stick with an RH-12 back, or can I use an RH-10 back? I've been told that the Xenotar won't sufficiently cover 6x7, but Schneider says it will. Any users out there who have this lens combo?

Will I be able to use the front movements with this lens?


Alec Jones
10-Aug-2004, 15:00
It will cover the 6x7 format fine - but not with extreme movements. Of course, with the Century, you don't have much to use anyway.

Although stopped down, it will "cover" 6x9 as well, those edges won't be as sharp. It is a wonderful lens. Compares favorably to the Planar [which won't cover 6x9 either].

Darin Cozine
11-Aug-2004, 02:44
I have recently purchased an century with the 80mm Xenotar f2.8.
Yes it does cover 6x9, though with no room for movement. I have only a slight darkening of the far corners. There may be a bit of softness in the far edges too, but It's hard to tell from my first roll.

80mm f2.8 Xenotar (http://www.cozinephoto.com/temp/xenotar.jpg)

The xenotar makes a great lens on the Century. It gives a slightly wide angle view and its great performance at wide apertures make it ideal for indoors, street, or dim landscapes. Really this is a veratile lens.

I also have a 47mm Super Angulon f5.6 now. It's a cinch to set it on the hyperfocus, and EVERYTHING from 3ft on gets in focus at f16.

47mm Super Angulon (http://www.cozinephoto.com/temp/47mm.jpg)

This combo is so much fun! I cant wait to get more negs to share!

www.cozinephoto.com (http://www.cozinephoto.com)

R.J. Fox
11-Aug-2004, 13:59
Alec and Darin,

Thanks for the information and pics! Since I'm most familiar with 6x6, I think I'll try that first, then add 6x7. I know the Xenotar is a great lens on the Rolleiflex TLRs, and I have no reason to think it won't be great on a Century. I was attracted to the fast 2.8 aperture precisely for street shooting.

Thanks again, and I'll post some images as soon as I get up and running with it.


11-Aug-2004, 14:01
The 80mm 2.8 Xenotar is one of my faves for 6x9. Great for B&W or color, not a lot of moves but what a beautiful image quality! I even use the 135mm f3.5 Xenotar for closeups on 12x20. You can actually see what you are doing. Love those lenses!