View Full Version : Removing Knobs on Toyo 810M?

21-Oct-2013, 17:15

My 810M's front and rear standards are quite loose, able to move back and forth even when all knobs have been securely tightened.
I think I know the reason, and I will have to order the needed parts from Toyo.
My problem is that I can't remove the knobs that are used to tighten the standards because there is a silver disc covering the innards of each knob, making the inside inaccessible.
Removing the disc seems to entail some kind of destructive force.

Can anyone explain what I have to do to safely remove the silver discs so I can then remove the knobs?

Thanks in advance.

Lachlan 717
21-Oct-2013, 17:34

I had a similar problem with my (old) 810M.

In the end, I popped the silver cap/plate off, and tightened the nut underneath. From memory, I think that I used something like a couple of micro screwdrivers to get under the cap/plate. It came off pretty easily, and, once the nut was tight again, I simply glued it back on. I think that I used a fairly weak glue in case I needed to get into it again.

BTW, it made a huge difference to the stability of the camera once done!

21-Oct-2013, 17:47
Hi Lachlan,
Thanks for the tip; I did try that, though quite gingerly, as it right away scratched and marred the surface of the cap.
Maybe I should be more...determined.
Thanks again!

22-Oct-2013, 01:42

Not trying to hijack your thread, but on my Toyo 810M one of those silver discs is missing, I would like to replace it purely for cosmetic reasons, how should one obtain (or fabricate) such a disc ?




22-Oct-2013, 06:28
Cor, you can call or fax Toyo; they are under the MAC group in New York, just north of Manhattan.
Phone: 914-347-3300
Fax: 914-347-3309

Not ideal for overseas customers, I know.

They don't list an email, but they are pretty helpful once you get a hold of them.
They will send you an exploded parts diagram by email if you ask them.
If you can't reach them, send me an email, and I'll send you the parts diagram I have.

22-Oct-2013, 07:11
Thanks, Ari !

Good luck with removing the disc, keep us posted, I did not yet the problem you describe, but it's good to know how to tackle it !



22-Oct-2013, 07:23
Thanks, Cor; I did get the knobs and silver discs off, finally.
Now I am looking at a set of washers that need to be removed before I can get to the problem area.
The washers seem to be glued together, and fit very securely around the stem of the bottom of the standards.
If I can, I'll post photos, but I'm surprised no one has encountered this before.

I once had to disassemble the rear standard of a Toyo G 8x10, and it took a whole evening and much of the next morning to take apart and put back together.
This will be no different, but thankfully Toyo provides good working diagrams of everything.