View Full Version : Interesting lens pencil text for our early German photography buffs?

Steven Tribe
20-Oct-2013, 12:16
This is a low price purchase from an, otherwise, overpriced Czech e**y lister.
A poor condition Darlot Petzval body with a missing double convex rear lens,
The rear double concave had a usual ragged Derogy rue d'holorgue (?) pencil text.

The front achromat was much better equipped with identification - more about this later. This achromat did not look like a professional product. It has a lot of tiny edge damage around the two surfaces that are joined together. This looks like damage that was made before the lenses were joined - in preparing the surfaces. It looks like the sort of result that I could get with lens production!.

Anyway the text is written covering the full width of the ground glass edge and is as follows:

Joseph Lemling Marmagen Urft Rhein xxxx

The last word/words are a bit doubtful.

Now Hr. Joseph Lemling is known German pioneer from the earliest days in the Eifel district (below Kôln) -
he was one of first to use silver salts to make contact prints. The "Marmagen etc." is the way that his address in Marmagen would have been written in 1840 - 1860 period.

I have checked out his signature and the pencil writing matches very well.

There is a faint white outline of his name in the tile printed images of his daughter shown below.

I am a great believer in this sort of item finding the right home - so I would be grateful if anyone knows of a local interest/early German photography museum that might be interested.