View Full Version : Voigtlander Euryscop lV No.4 lens covering?

20-Oct-2013, 10:28
Just found beautiful Voigtlander Euryscop lV No.4 and need some infos about.
Format covering? Aperture?
Sorry for bad pictures...
Thanks everybody!

PS. Also interested which format cover Euryscop 6A?


Steven Tribe
20-Oct-2013, 11:14
Series IV no. 4 is shown as covering 11x14".
Series III (?) 6a size is down as 11x14" too!

20-Oct-2013, 11:19
I believe the Euryscope series lV No. 4 have f6 aperture?
What about 6A?
Thank you very much Steven.

Steven Tribe
20-Oct-2013, 12:47
Series III is nominally F4.5. Matches well with the efl of 15 1/3" and front lens diameter of 3.5".
Believe or not, I found a 5a for sale in Northern Europe to-day. Not very common, though.

Tim Deming
20-Oct-2013, 15:16
A 6A euryscop could be a series III, or a series VI. Series III is the f4.5 portrait euryscop, series VI is a F7 more or less standard aplanat type lens



20-Oct-2013, 15:36
Series IV No. 4 = That serial number places it mid 1890s. It is an f/6, 14 1/3 FL for 10x12 wide open and 11x14 stopped down.

6a if Series III = F/4.5 covering 11x14
6a if Series VI = F/7.75 covering 18x22 wide open and 20x24 stopped down

Per 1890 Catalogue = http://antiquecameras.net/1890lenscatalogue.html


21-Oct-2013, 04:11
Thanks guys on infos!