View Full Version : Rodagon 240 Coverage

Charlie Skelton
9-Aug-2004, 07:39
I have just acquired a 10x8, anyone know if a 240 rodagon will cover the format?

Gem Singer
9-Aug-2004, 07:55
Hi Charlie,

Are you asking about using the 240 Rodagon as an enlarging lens, or as a taking lens?

Charlie Skelton
9-Aug-2004, 08:49
As a taking lens. Oops!

Gem Singer
9-Aug-2004, 09:37

The 240 Rodagon is a fine enlarging lens for the 8X10 format, but it was not designed to be a taking lens. It will barely cover the 8X10 format as a taking lens, but will not allow for much movement. Also, without a shutter, it's going to be a PITI to use.

If you already have a 240 Rodagon and you are planning on mounting it into a shutter, it would be more practical (and probably less expensive) to purchase a lens such as the Nikon 300M for your 8X10 camera..

Charlie Skelton
9-Aug-2004, 10:28
Thanks for that, I was only looking to use it as an interim measure until I can find a suitable lens, I will stick with the 210 Symmar that I have which just fails to cover 10x8 but will do for testing.


Gem Singer
9-Aug-2004, 10:40
You're welcome Charlie. Your 210 Symmar may not cover the 8X10 format at infinity, but it probably will cover it at close-up distances using f22, or f32. Give it a try.