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8-Oct-2013, 05:55
I'm still looking at buying a vintage 4x5 to use at threshing shows and steam railroad fan days. I'm looking for something early (1900-1930,) that looks "fancy." Something premium. I've seen the names Gundlach, ROC, Century, Seneca, etc. but would like to find out more detailed info on each. What were the premium brands? Some the digging I've done so far, some are obviously "student" cameras while other (Deardorff) were obviously pretty high end. Anyone have any websites that go into that? That little Gundlach 2x3 that sold here a few days ago might have been about perfect if it had been 4x5. (Tempting enough as it was!) What was the "Ebony" equivalent in 1910?

8-Oct-2013, 06:04
For US camera look at this website.
For British cameras (and a few others) here (http://www.earlyphotography.co.uk)

There's no better sites I've come across.


8-Oct-2013, 07:30
Excellent site! It doesn't seem to get into the quality differences, but I can tell a lot just by looking at the detailed photos of course. I'm thinking I'll have to go with the American cameras from that period. While I really like the solidity of the British cameras, they seem to still be using plate size instead of 4x5. Same for the really fine German cameras--9x12. It will make my life simpler to only have one format: a 4x5 Chamonix and a 4x5 vintage camera. But then again, I do have that superb little 1928 Bergheil with the 10.5cm Heliar that I'm itching to try shooting 6.5x9 sheets in......

Drew Bedo
8-Oct-2013, 07:42
Check out Star Camera for period reproduction cameras.


If you fall in love with a really nice British camera but it is in a “plate size”, Star will also make an adapter to fit the back that will allow you to use standard 4x5 holders, but not actually alter the antique from its original state.


8-Oct-2013, 08:05