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7-Oct-2013, 21:59
I have a 3x4 Crown with a graflok back that I want to install on an anniversary 3x4. I've removed the back off the anni...it came off with just the removal of the screws.

When attempting to remove the back from the Crown, taking out the screws went ok, but the back seems to be stuck. I'm a little worried about using force to take it off. Were these backs glued or is it stuck because of age. Is getting a thin bladed screw driver and prying it off, possible without damaging it?

Hope to get some assistance here.



Jim Jones
8-Oct-2013, 08:19
I don't remember any particular difficulty in removing Graphic backs once all the visible screws were removed. The back is fairly delicate and could be warped by too much pressure, but remounting it on the Anniversary should correct that. I would gradually increase the pressure, and expect it to come free. A small screwdriver might be riskier than using a wider blade such as a chisel or spatula.

8-Oct-2013, 12:42
I've only removed a couple, but I think both were just slightly reluctant once the screws were out. It almost felt as though humidity had caused the leather to very slightly bond to areas of the back. To add to what Jim suggested, an even wider and very thin blade such as a putty knife might also be of use. You may be able to insert it gently at one end and then using a sideways motion with a slight twisting lift once in awhile, run the edge of that blade all the way down each of the four sides to release whatever is holding.

Good luck.

8-Oct-2013, 13:29
Thank you both for your help and suggestions. I will post with the results later today, I hope.

8-Oct-2013, 22:15
Brian, did you remove the single screw located at the entrance of where the film holder slides into? I think there should be 6 screws in total if I recall. On a 4x5 anyways.