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6-Oct-2013, 17:59
Help! I am developing Ilford FP4 8x10 negs with XTOL 1+1. Using Kodak Professional fixer, and Kodak photo flo. I keep getting running stains that run down different parts of the negative. I have tried not using photo flo, reducing the amount of photo flo, or just water to rinse. Nothing seems to work. The area that gets the scum on it even looks effected on the other side of the negative. Happens on either side of negative. Even tried rewetting negative and rubbing scum off, but stays on.

Doesn't occur on all negs, but more than 50% of the time.

Any suggestions???


6-Oct-2013, 18:23
Wash in a dilute solution of sodium carbonate.

Jim Jones
6-Oct-2013, 18:25
My well water is quite bad, so I use distilled water for mixing chemicals and with a bit of Photo-Flo for the final rinse. No problems.

Michael W
6-Oct-2013, 18:42
One of the Kodak technical books states that scum on negs can be a byproduct of developer and can be eliminated by using a stop bath.

7-Oct-2013, 06:17
Use distilled water for everything, especially the photo flo and be careful of the PF dilution .

8-Oct-2013, 06:36
Thanks for the suggestions.

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8-Oct-2013, 12:59
If you keep your Photo-Flo (diluted) in a squeeze bottle, you may be growing water molds, which will eventually get onto the negatives. Please don't ask me how I know this.....:rolleyes: