View Full Version : Do you know this kodak anastigmat f 4.5 7 1/2 inch 5x7?

Primo I.
6-Oct-2013, 10:12
Hi everyone,
I wanted to reach out to everyone out there to see if you can identify and provide any reference to this recently acquired lens. I have tried for a number of days to research and find out more about it, but to no avail. The Kodak lens handbook was limited on any information regarding this Anastigmat other than the KODAK ANASTIGMAT LENSES FOR PROFESSIONAL CAMERAS which were numbered No.21 to No. 36 covered in the 1939 Kodak Lens and Shutter table.
As you can see in the photos, although it states, "kodak anastigmat f 4.5 7 1/2 inch 5x7" there is no other number to designate. Could it just be an earlier Kodak Anastigmat No. 33 which is also a f/4.5 7 1/2 inch lens? This lens jsut states the following in case the photo is not clear enough to see, " Kodak Anastigmat F-4.5 7 1/2 in. 5x7 with a serial of NO. 33113.
Any input would be appreciated. The only thing I can come with is it could be No. 113 produced in the year 1933 based on the serial number information I found, but I am not really sure.

Louis Pacilla
6-Oct-2013, 11:32
Not an uncommon lens and can be found in the back of most Graflex catalogs because Eastman Kodak made more $$ if you chose their Ic Tessar Which is what the Kodak Anastigmat f4.5 lens design was/is. It had/has a good reputation for being a well manufactured Tessar Ic.

The only thing that is unusual is you lens is marked as 5x7 w/ a FL of 7 1/2" While 8 3/4" seems to have been the usual 5x7 FL for most of the Kodak Anastigmat f4.5 .and the Post Card size being 7 1/2" FL. Of the two FL I think the 8 3/4" FL is a better match for 5x7 format.

The attachment I have added is from the 1923 Graflex Catalog

Primo I.
6-Oct-2013, 11:41
Thanks Louis. I saw the same information but was confused because of the No. 33. I have a No. 33 Anastigmat, but when I got this one, it does not have the no. 33 anywhere on the lens itself which lead me to believe either it was a completely different lens or a very early version. So, its pretty much the same lens as the NO. series from 21 through 36, but no indication of the number itself on the lens since it was made for a third party.
I appreciate the feedback. Cheers!