View Full Version : A butcher's Lancaster lens

6-Oct-2013, 09:35
Picked this up today very cheap.


It was very dirty and in two parts. The glass was dirty but has cleaned up well and is in good condition. It appears to be Petzval but there front elements aren't cemented.

The strange part is the barrel has been butchered and part of a barrel with an aperture ring added in, it's all glued together with an inner bit of plastic used as an inner sleeve.


Mark Sawyer
6-Oct-2013, 11:20
It may be a "highly modified" (butchered) Landscape Lens that someone added elements to. The barrel looks quite similar to the fairly common Lancaster Landscape Lens of the late 1800's. Is there a cemented element at the rear? (That would probably be the original lens.)

6-Oct-2013, 14:08
Nothing cemented but a drop of water where the elements should be cemented indicates they cold be or have been.

At the price i paid it's not too important.