View Full Version : Any info on Eugen Loeber camera?

Jim Andrada
3-Oct-2013, 12:11
A friend dropped by yesterday to ask about getting into LF. He told me that he was thinking of buying a 5 x 7 camera from the widow of one of his friends.

Turns out the camera she has is an Eugen Loeber tailboard camera. She thinks it dates from around 1895 and takes 5 x 7 film.

The lens on it says it's a Bistigmut(sp???) 13x18.

All of this makes me think the camera may actually be 13 x 18 instead of 5 x 7, but I've never heard of this make before so was wondering if anyone here knows anything about the camera or maker.

I told him that this is probably not the ideal starting point for an LF adventure but we'd still like to find out more about the camera if possible.


Emil Schildt
3-Oct-2013, 12:18
try google - there's a couple of cameras shown and also a (rather short) description... (From Dresden) (lens is BigismAt (Rodenstock)

a silly film also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DNGiWRe4gs

Steven Tribe
3-Oct-2013, 12:33
Fun video!
The German tailboard shown is an 18x24cm, rather than the more common 13x18cm.
This one has the "french" "turn the bellows" switch between landscape/portrait. It does make for a slimmer camera.
Not a bad starting point. 13x18cm film is readily available. Need the regulation 3 double plate holders at least. Some these cameras can be used for stereo.

Jim Andrada
3-Oct-2013, 12:44
Loved the silly film - I didn't come across that one.

From the way the back opens, do you think it's a film or a plate camera - hard for me to tell.

Steven Tribe
3-Oct-2013, 15:10
The holders would have been made for glass plates, but if used well into the 20th Century, there will be metal sheaths mounted to accept film.
The lens mounted would not have been considered very "modern" in the 1910's so the conservative owner may have stuck to glass plates.

Jim Andrada
3-Oct-2013, 21:56
Now the hard part - any idea what one of these camera would be worth?

Looking at a picture of the camera it looks pretty much like the one in the little video but seems to have front tilt as well.

Tin Can
3-Oct-2013, 22:47
Great video, watched it twice and shared it far beyond here. :)