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3-Oct-2013, 02:32
Hi, I've recently acquired a Wollensak Velostigmat mounted on Betax n.3 shutter. The shutter seems fairly cooked, it seems to fire at the same speed regardless of what is dialled. I also would quite like to be able to use this lens with flash synch, so my questions are:
a) is there a more modern shutter I can look to obtain that this lens will fit on and that has flash synch?
b) if I get it serviced is there any other way to synch flash other than modifying the shutter itself?


Jon Shiu
3-Oct-2013, 06:08
The Alphax No. 3 has the same dimensions, but some of the Betax shutters were special made to fit particular lens cells. I think some Alphax had flash sync.


Robert Opheim
6-Oct-2013, 19:39
I sent a really "cooked " deltax shutter to Fluots and they replaced springs and other parts and brought it back to life!

6-Oct-2013, 19:50
I have a 12 in. Velostigmat in Betax 3 which is working. I'm betting the shutter could be fixed. It seems fairly robust.

6-Oct-2013, 20:39
Are you at all mechanically inclined? Betax 3s are fairly simple, and you can find complete disassembly and cleaning instructions online (as I recall, someone has photos on Flickr of every step).