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Peter Lauridsen
1-Oct-2013, 16:20
I can't figure out what kind of back this speed graphic that i bought has. Will i be able to use it.


Kevin Crisp
1-Oct-2013, 16:41
It looks like a baby (not 4X5). What is wrong with the back that would make it unusable?

Mark Sawyer
1-Oct-2013, 16:51
Yup, looks like the little (2 1/4 x 3 1/4) Speed Graphic. No pictures of the back, so it's hard to say what's on it...

Peter Lauridsen
1-Oct-2013, 17:00
Wondering if it has a graflok back so i can use roll film holder. I read to avoid graphic backs on the little speed graphics.. Looking at the pictures in the ad I guess it includes a roll film back, so i can use modern (available) roll film with this back? I really just want to use some B&W film and have some fun. Just getting a little confused reading web pages and looking at pictures. I'm doing a lot of reading and it has been a fun.experience.

Yup, looks like the little (2 1/4 x 3 1/4) Speed Graphic. No pictures of the back, so it's hard to say what's on it...

Jim C.
1-Oct-2013, 17:09
It has a graflok back, the picture with the gg frame and film holders show the gg frame has the chromed hook arms that
hold it to the back of the camera. The seller took the gg frame off instead of the viewing hood ( which is still attached ).

1-Oct-2013, 17:10
It clearly shows the back (removed) on the 6th picture, so yes you got the correct back.

It says it comes with a roll film holder but it's not shown...

The 101mm is a nice little lens. They are very fun cameras. You got the Speed version too, which is good if you happen to want to shoot barrel lenses or if the lens shutter is defunct (if the FP shutter is in good shape, anyway).

Dan Fromm
1-Oct-2013, 17:19
2x3 Pacemaker Speed Graphic, 1950ish by the s/n (one of the last with the original Pacemaker Graphic s/n series), and yes, the 6th picture shows a 2x3 Graflok focusing panel. Not a back, the back is part of the camera.

Peter Lauridsen
1-Oct-2013, 17:27
Awesome, i'm very excited. getting back into a "little" large format after a bit of a break. Large format never leaves you.
thanks again for the help, can't wait for delivery.

Mark Woods
1-Oct-2013, 17:39
I bought a roll film back on eBay and adapted it to my dad's 2 1/4x3 1/4. It's only 2 1/4 x 2 3/4. Not sure why. But it works great./