View Full Version : The FREE Zion Large Format Workshop / Gettogether in November!

Per Volquartz
6-Aug-2004, 15:47
The good times will start Saturday November 13 and last through Thursday November 18. We will cover basic view camera technique, the art of seeing, understanding effective composition = composition that enhances image content, the Zone system, pyro processing, environmental portraiture, pre-exposure to control scene contrast, etc. etc...

To sign up for the workshop please email me with the following information:

Name Email address Number of people in your party Car license number Telephone (cell) number. Expected time / day of arrival

My email address is: volquartz@volquartz.com

website: http://www.volquartz.com/pervolquartz

james mickelson
7-Aug-2004, 08:32
Per, now that I have everything finished that precluded me being able to meet up with the group before, I am ready for another adventure. Please keep me informed of the specifics of this workshop and as the date gets nearer I will let you know which days I will be there. I will be driving an Astrovan so will be able to take someone else as well as drive a few people into the upper reaches for the day.