View Full Version : cable for old Tessar

1-Oct-2013, 04:41
Is it still possible to buy a release cable for an old Betax #5 shutter with the thread outside the connector as opposed to the standard?


1-Oct-2013, 05:16
Those I owned also had a standard inside thread - the outdated and less common Kodak straight flange variant, but that is downward compatible to the conical Deckel type cables that are still around today. You need a long pin one, IIRC with a small nipple - that combination may be a bit harder to find, but ebay is packed with used cable releases... The outside thread was for a proprietary pneumatic release, there is nothing modern that will fit there (it is much smaller than the Leica/Nikon bell type connector).

1-Oct-2013, 08:28
Thanks Sevo!!!

I think it is the time that i get my glasses adjusted...
There is thread inside.