View Full Version : More about this industrial grade UV flash

Philippe Gauthier
6-Aug-2004, 08:36
I know that some people were skeptical when I announced the introduction of this new industrial grade UV flash, to be used in body shops to dry car paint - and possibly useful for us alt printers as well.

As seeing is believing, I secured a 1:25 minute video in AVI format from the manufacturer, called Standox. You actually see the device in action (a flash every 1.5 second or so), its size (about ten inches wide, as far as I can tell) and the gloves and the welder's mask worn by the user. The flash comes on a wheeled stand not unlike those auto mechanics used to test charge car batteries. No mention of the price, unfortunately.

I'd like to share the AVI file, but it's relatively large (2.8 Mb) and I don't know where to upload it to make it available to all. Would someone share some bandwidth and disk space for that purpose? I'd send you the file by e-mail so that you can post it.

Jorge Gasteazoro
6-Aug-2004, 11:20
Philippe, let me talk to Sean at APUG see if he wiould be willing to let us have some space. I will let you know.

Philippe Gauthier
6-Aug-2004, 13:47
OK, I'll be waiting for news from you. I'd do it myself on my site, but it's only organized as a bulletin board right now and even though there are plans to add a CMS around it, it won't be done before several weeks.

Jorge Gasteazoro
8-Aug-2004, 14:10
You can now post up to 3 meg AVI movies at APUG. All you have to do is attache the file at the time you make the post. Looking forward to seeing the movie.

Řyvind Dahle
9-Aug-2004, 11:37
I use a compact fluorescent UV black light, so I do not see the need for this. I tried to find it online in USA, but home depot and one more did not have it.