View Full Version : LF stores in Austin, Texas??

Ag Jones
6-Aug-2004, 08:28
Does anybody know any camera stores in the Austin, Texas area that carry large format equipment ? Mainly interested in looking at bodies. Going on business and thought I might look around and see if there is any place that has some equipment to look at.


6-Aug-2004, 10:26
There is a store in Austin on Lamar (I believe) at about 45th. Don't remember the name but it is big store. That is about it. Austin is not a lg format mecca.


Gem Singer
6-Aug-2004, 10:50
Hi Ag,

I live in The Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex. The last time I spent time 200 miles south of here, in Austin (over a year ago), there were only two camera stores that looked promising for LF equipment, listed in the Austin yellow pages phone book. I visited both stores.

One store had no LF equipment in stock and told me that they were planning on re-locating to San Antonio in the near future. The other store (I believe it was called Precision Camera) had a used 4X5 Wisner Tech field in their display case, but nobody in the store knew enough about the camera to demonstrate it to me. In fact, they could not locate the key to the display case.

Look in the Austin yellow pages. Things may have changed for the better. Good luck.

Ag Jones
6-Aug-2004, 11:50
That was what I was afraid of. I had looked in the yellow pages, but had not seen much that was promising.

Texas is a pretty big place I would have thought between Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio there would be a couple of good LF stores. But if there are any I have missed them.

Guess you gotta goto Wisconsin, Phoenix or New York to see LF stuff.


Martin G.
6-Aug-2004, 12:29
Camera Co/Op on S. Congress has a few used lenses and backs. I was in there the other day just browsing. I wasn't looking for new equipement so I can't say if they had any. Austin Camera has stopped selling equipment. They sold their stock to a shop called Top Photo. I went by there at 10am yesterday but they open at 11. I could see a lot of 35mm equipement in the front room but who knows?

David Vickery
6-Aug-2004, 12:47
Precision Camera is at 38th and Lamar. They have almost nothing on a regular basis, but occasionally someone will put something in on consignment. But I haven't seen anything there in a while and the last time I was in there they had even sold their LF rental equipment on ebay. They have a big, shiny digital section, though.

Camera Co-op is on S. Congress about a mile or two south of the River. They do seem to get more used stuff in. The last time that I was there they had a few lenses and a few monorails. I once bought a 35" Ronar there for a hundred bucks. I am still happy about that. This would be the store to check out if you have time to waste.

But of course, no one has new equipment. Everybody wants to sell you their digital crap.

Matt Magruder
6-Aug-2004, 15:21
I live here in Austin. was at precision camera on 38th and lamar the other day and they had a Tachihara 4x5 field camera and also a 90mm Schneider the prices were on par with their usual range (read: RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE)

they have 4x5 film holders (EXPENSIVE) and a sad selection of sheet film.

Brian Ellis
7-Aug-2004, 07:51
I don't think there are more than a handful of stores outside NY and LA that actually have a decent selection of large format equipment on hand for you to play around with. That's one of the reasons a forum like this is so useful, most of the time you're buying the stuff sight unseen.

Neal Shields
8-Aug-2004, 12:11
I spent about 2 hours yesterday afternoon under a dark cloth in Texas and I don't think that it is a lack of artistic talent that causes the derth of Large Format stores here. It is just flat hot under a dark cloth a great deal of the time here.

I have actually considered purchasing dry ice at the begining of each weekend and keeping my dark cloth in 6 pack cooler.

Neal Shields
8-Aug-2004, 12:14
P.S. I think some of the big mail order houses have an unconditional return privledge on new equipment for 7 days. However, that doesn't help much if you are trying to narrow down your choices from 50 to one or two.

Gem Singer
8-Aug-2004, 19:30

From my personal experience, it is quite a bit hotter under a darkcloth in Phoenix, Arizona than it is here in the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex. Yet, in spite of that fact, Phoenix has a large, active large format community, thanks to people like Rod Klukas, at the Photomark store. What's missing in this part of Texas is that beautiful Arizona scenery.

By the way, I believe that I have solved the darkcloth heat discomfort problem with the recent purchase of a new Harrison Silver Classic darkcloth. It is designed with "space age" technology, like a space blanket. Much cooler and comfortable than my old darkcloth under the Texas sun.