View Full Version : Wollaston Meniscus lenses, packard shutters and light

Ray Drueke
29-Sep-2013, 14:50
I have 2 meniscus lenses that I'd like to start using but I have a question concerning the triangle. I like the effect of the lens wide open so that side is fixed. I can use Tmax100 or Tmax 400 so the ISO side is set. Using the 'auto' function of the Packard lens sets the shutter to around 1/30 so that is set as well. The only variable is light. I've done a search but can't find much information.

Does anyone care to post some images made with packard shutters and meniscus lenses wide open and also include some indication of the quantity of light in the image, maybe in terms of the sunny 16 'rule?' I'd appreciate it. I have some ND filters I can use but I'd like to see a couple images to use as a starting point.


Jim Noel
29-Sep-2013, 18:34
I use the lenses with a Packard shutter with little or no problem. there are two simple solutions:
1. neutral density filters
2. use lith film in camera


29-Sep-2013, 19:21
I don't use mine with a packard shutter. I do use it with a speed graphic, but I know your predicament; daylight bright sun can require over 1/1000 sec at certain apertures on my soft focus lenses.

Also you can go shooting at dusk, after the sun is disappeared. You may also find you want some aperture rather than fully wide open. Seeing the softness is best experienced by actually shooting/developing some film.

30-Sep-2013, 10:23
I've been contemplating this myself with an f4.5 lens (Tessar type). I decided the best bet was to use X-ray film (since all else I have is 400), and ND filters (or a polarizer), and, if I want to shoot outdoors, do it late afternoon. As the days get shorter here, it gets easier to get soft, weak light.


1-Oct-2013, 07:53
I have a B&L 11X14 1C f/4.5 Tessar that I wanted to be able to shoot wide open, or close to it. Probably don't even make ND filters large enough to cover it. I purchased a roll of the stage lighting ND filter off Amazon for like $8 and made a push-on filter adapter out of foam-core. Just taped the material to it and it works like a charm. Now I can shoot X-ray 8X10 film (ISO 200) at f/4.5 - 5.6 with my Packard shutters instant setting.

Jim Galli
1-Oct-2013, 08:48
A third variable not mentioned is film speed. Why not use paper at ASA 3 , or some of the graphic arts films or xray films for this type work. Wander around in my web pages and there are hundreds of images made with Kodak 2D and Packard shutter. I find that in open shade I can use asa 100 film and a packard shutter. Working indoors is easier yet. So the only problem remaining is open sunlight type images.