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29-Sep-2013, 05:46
Does anyone have any experience and opinions about the Fujinon T 300mm lens? I've got an Ebony RSW45 with a maximum bellows draw of about 180mm. Most of what I shoot is 150mm or wider, but it would be nice to occasionally have something a bit longer. Given my camera and its limitations, I don't have many options.

I haven't been able to find much about the Fujinon T online. From what I can tell, it seems like a perfect fit for my needs, even a reasonably large image circle to allow for some movements. I'm pretty sure I would need an extention lens board for it. Any other things I should know?

David Lobato
29-Sep-2013, 07:32
I have had one for 25 years and have taken many photos with it. First item to note is, at infinity it needs 200mm of bellows draw. Not suitable if your camera is limited to a maximum of 180mm. Optically it has compromises compared to non-telephoto designs, but sometimes it's better than missing a shot. If this sways you to consider another camera with longer bellows draw to use longer lenses, then consider a model that can easily use a standard 300mm lens design.

29-Sep-2013, 09:33
Thanks David. I was pretty sure I was going to need an extended lens board to get enough bellows draw. I don't think that will be an issue for me.

What kind of compromises are you referring to?

29-Sep-2013, 10:11
I found it to be a sharp lens with just some chromatic aberrations visible on very high contrast edges, but it cleans up OK in photoshop if you're scanning.


Here is mine with extensions focussed to about 10ft. The camera has 190mm of bellows and the lens needs about 197mm for infinity, so a very short extension is all you need for distant subjects.

David Lobato
29-Sep-2013, 10:14
Looking at negatives or transparencies mixed with shots from my other lenses on a light table, the 300mm Fuji T lens shots have a little less contrast and are slightly less sharp. I have gotten nice photos with the lens but there are limits to how much they can be enlarged. With digital scanning contrast could be controlled, but it's not the same as an original from a better lens.

29-Sep-2013, 11:25
David, that setup looks almost exactly like what I am thinking of. Thanks!