View Full Version : QuadToneRIP is available for Windows XP

5-Aug-2004, 17:37
Roy Harrington's QuadToneRIP is now available for Windows XP:


There is an excellent article about Roy in this month's View Camera Mag.

Ken Lee
5-Aug-2004, 18:03
Thank you very much !!

5-Aug-2004, 19:03
Suggest you post this question on an appropriate forum. How is quad-toneRip specifically related to large format photography?

QT Luong
5-Aug-2004, 19:08
Phil, quad-toneRip is as relevant to LF as any darkroom technique.

Larry Gebhardt
5-Aug-2004, 21:10
Thanks for the notice. I pulled it down and printed a sample image using the 2200. In incandescent light it looks great. I hope it looks as good in daylight, which is where the Epson inks fall down for black and white in my opinion. The tones in the highlights are very smooth and the shadow detail is also correct. Overall I am impressed - if the color casts stay away.

I had a problem with the install - probably because of the fact that I am running Windows 2000 on my print server. I had to modify the quadtoneprint.bat file to not use the "My Documents" directory. Once I created a different directory and put the full path in this file everthing was good.

Larry Gebhardt
6-Aug-2004, 05:34
I looked at the print this morning in sunlight and it looks the same as before - no noticable color cast. I will be playing with this more - especially as I move my darkroom.

6-Aug-2004, 07:19
Quong, if you want to turn this into a forum for discussion of software, inks, mousespads or other digi-arcana that is your right, but I asked the question as to whether it is "specifically related" to large format. I believe the comment fails that test. Perhaps you want to turn the forum into a learning tool for discussion of new digital processes? Again, the comment would fail that test as well since it explains nothing about what it is or does.

evan clarke
6-Aug-2004, 07:27
Phil, This forum and home page are defined as "Non-commercial community of large format photographers, includes a repository of primers, how-to articles, user's reviews of equipment, and an active discussion forum. " I use almost nothing other than view cameras, scan ALL my 8x10 and 4x5 negatives and print ALL my images digitally. This post is some of the best info for me I have read in weeks..Evan Clarke

Brian Ellis
6-Aug-2004, 08:17
"Roy Harrington's QuadTone RIP is now available for Windows XP."

But for now, only if you use the Epson 2200 printer I believe.

tim atherton
6-Aug-2004, 08:19
Phil I will be using it as one method to print my 8x10 B&W work. No doubt many others will too. Good enough for you?

If so, hopefully you can now just shut up.

Brian, other printers down the road I believe

Ken Lee
6-Aug-2004, 09:45
I think Phil has posed a reasonable question, and is not the first to ask it, in one form or another. QT gave him a reasonable answer as well.

I suggest that we all show a little extra patience when dealing with this subject - since there will only be more of same, as the lines become further blurred.

6-Aug-2004, 12:12
Why did I post the availability of QTR on the Large Format Forum?

I shoot large format film and print digital B&W with QTR. QTR is one of my tools in the image making process.

Also a few days ago on this list I was also asked when QTR was going to be available for Windows. So I thought I be a nice guy and announce it!

I am in no way financially connected with QTR. Just a very happy customer who paid his $50.00 to use QTR.

Brian Ellis
6-Aug-2004, 23:39
Tim - Right. That's why I said "but for now" only available for the 2200. Since posting my first message I've seen some questions raised as to whether it works with the home version of XP. Anyone know? I have a 2200 and the home version of XP so I planned to give it a try but if it works only with the pro version I won't waste my time.

tim atherton
7-Aug-2004, 00:50
Brian, others have reported it works just fine on Win 2000 - I'm still fiddling with it (mainly because my root drive is G not C ....) My guess is that it should work on the home version of XP - it's what you might call a little "basic"... but people seem to be getting good results.

Larry Gebhardt
7-Aug-2004, 04:16
It should work fine with the home version, though you may need to have networking installed because the print driver is accesed through a network share.

The install should also work fine on the G drive, but you will need to change the batch files since they are hardcoded.